„When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind”
Henry Ford

We are receivers, as well as court supervisors, interim court supervisors, temporary administrators and custodians in bankruptcy proceedings. Since 1 January 2016, we also hold the license of restructuring consultants. We are intimately familiar with the course of bankruptcy proceedings and know the risks these proceedings entail and the rights and obligations of the individual participants in bankruptcy proceedings (creditors and representatives of the bankrupt). You can read more about the bankruptcy proceedings conducted by us on

Since the coming into force of the Restructuring Law Act (1 January 2016), thanks to our practical experiences and theoretical preparation we can provide:

» legal advice for businesses threatened with insolvency,

» choice of the best form of debt restructuring available,

» drawing up restructuring plans for the purpose of new restructuring proceedings,

» performance of the duties of a restructuring consultant by acting as a court supervisor, administrator and composition supervisor in all modes of restructuring proceedings, including recovery proceedings.

We are the authors of numerous comments and papers on bankruptcy law and restructuring, including Poland’s first comprehensive discussion of the provisions of the new Restructuring Law Act (published under the patronage of the daily “Rzeczpospolita”). We participate as speakers in many conferences and meetings concerning bankruptcy law and restructuring in Poland and abroad.

We are active members of the following organisations: Bankruptcy Section at the Allerhand Institute in Kraków, European Association of Restructuring Practitioners INSOL EUROPE, Polish Chamber of Receivers. Thanks to our efforts in May 2012 the International EECC INSOL EUROPE Conference was held in Poznań. Our partner Maurycy Organa was the co-ordinator of this conference.

Since 2012, we have been promoting the pre-pack liquidation restructuring idea. It will be finally introduced to the Polish legal system as a formalised liquidation procedure in January  2016.