Penal Law

individual clients

Provisions significantly altering criminal procedure came into force on 1 July 2015. The most important change is the introduction to the penal court proceedings of the principle of contradictoriness.

In everyday life and today’s highly competitive economy people increasingly play “dirty”. Some even go as far as committing acts which can be classified as crimes. Others, deliberately or by mistake, brand their competitors as “criminals - fraudsters”.

We undertake defence in all criminal cases, both involving “common crimes” and economic crimes, otherwise known as “white collar offences” and in private prosecution cases.

We conduct cases concerning early release from prison, suspension of the enforcement proceedings, and adjudication of a substitute penalty. We represent Clients in proceedings aimed at deferring the enforcement of a penalty of imprisonment and at granting a break in the enforcement of a penalty of imprisonment. 

We defend Clients in cases pertaining to offences connected with the provision of medical services, as well as in cases concerning offences connected with the use of untested, dangerous or inappropriate medical devices, pharmaceutical and cosmetic products.

The Firm also represents victims of crimes.