We set up our Law Firm from scratch, beginning with many ideas and concepts. We built the team and the structures, entering the legal services market step-by-step, devoting all our available time and resources.

We know that this was a huge effort and commitment. For this reason we appreciate and support those who are starting their business now.

Looking back and based on our experience we believe that only a total commitment to a given sector allows one to attain the planned goal.

We provide comprehensive legal support for start-ups, participating in the creation and development of our clients’ businesses by creating for them proper and adequate legal safeguards and optimal legal and business structures.

New ideas and their implementation are largely based on e-commerce platforms. Consequently, we provide advice to new and the already existing entities engaged in e-commerce, i.e. sale of goods, provision of intellectual goods and services via the Internet and other means of remote communication.

We offer legal assistance to service providers and their customers in the Internet. In particular, we draw up agreements for the provision of servers, delivery of websites, provision of Internet advertising services.