We offer advice connected with criminal aspects of business activity.  We defend clients in cases involving offences against commercial transactions, such as abuse of trust, insurance fraud, credit fraud, money laundering or crimes to the detriment of creditors, sham bankruptcy, favouring creditors. 

In view of our extensive experience in cases pertaining to environmental protection and construction projects our practice also includes defence in criminal cases involving offences against the environment and those contained in the Building Law Act.

We act both as defence counsels and representatives of the aggrieved parties in cases involving crimes committed under the Copyright and Neighbouring Rights Act and also in cases concerning crimes involving breaches of trademark protection, such as placing forged trademarks on products or marketing products bearing falsified trademarks. 

As regards offences under the Act on Combating Unfair Competition we conduct cases pertaining to breaches of business secrets and misleading marking of the external form of products.