The number of entities actively participating in economic transactions changes all the time. While some commence trading, develop and transform, others end their existence. Specialised legal assistance is required during each of those stages.

Corporate support, capital markets and M&A transactions are among the main specialised areas of interest of our lawyers. 

Lawyers working for the Law Firm have extensive experience in providing professional legal advice regarding acquisitions, mergers and takeovers, as well as division and transformation of commercial law companies. As part of our practice we offer a full range of services connected with legal support of capital transactions. Our practical experience in this regard is supported by in-depth theoretical knowledge of our legal team specialising in capital markets law.

Our support is not limited to Poland. Our international approach means that, in close co-operation with partners in most EU countries, we conduct due diligence analyses of foreign companies and offer advice regarding international mergers and acquisitions.

We also provide general corporate support. In particular, we prepare and conduct general meetings of shareholders, draw up draft resolutions of the company’s governing bodies, conduct registry proceedings. We also resolve conflicts between shareholders/stakeholders and partners and draft agreements concluded between them.