In cases where taking up business activity requires obtaining a permit, license, approval or another consent of entry in a relevant register the Firm takes comprehensive legal steps aimed at securing the required documentation.

Pursuing regulated activity requires specialist knowledge and regulations applying to entities operating in such sectors are very complicated and strict. They are also subject to frequent changes. Effective and reliable legal advice in such sectors requires knowledge of these sectors and understanding of the processes which take place in the market.

The extensive experience of the Firm’s Partners allows us to provide legal advice services in this area in a manner that is effective and, above all, guarantees a high level of legal safety for our clients and their businesses.

Key areas of legal assistance include advice in matters pertaining to classification, labelling, marketing and advertising of products offered by entrepreneurs from different areas of production (in particular, food, alcohol, agricultural, veterinary products).

The Firm’s wide practice is focused on legal requirements stemming from such regulations like: - Regulation (EU) No 1169/2011 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 25 October 2011 on the provision of food information to consumers, - the Food and Nutrition Safety Act, - the Commercial Quality of Agricultural and Food Products Act.

Firm’s lawyers concentrate in particular on providing advice connected with international trade and placing in the Polish market products subject to product safety requirements and standards. The areas of practice in this respect include legal issues resulting mostly from: - the Act on General Product Safety, - the Conformity Assessment System Act.

We participate in administrative proceedings actively defending our clients’ interests in areas including regulated business activity. We assist entrepreneurs during audits conducted by public administration authorities, provide advice in processes connected with withdrawing products from the market.

We issue opinions regarding distribution agreements used by manufacturers and distributors. We provide legal assistance in building distribution and marketing structures (loyalty programmes, sale support, preparation of rebate and promotional programmes).

Based on the Gaming Act we provide advice to clients in matters involving obtaining permits for the organisation of raffles and promotional lotteries.