The Firm specialises in litigation practice representing clients in court disputes in all areas of the law. The current complex and formalised judicial procedure requires a specialised, individual approach taking into account the character of the sector and the object of the dispute. The litigation experience of the Firm’s Partners is no less important.

We have extensive experience in judicial disputes between businesses pertaining to the performance of contracts typified in the Civil Code, regarding investment agreements, real estate and construction projects, as well as international sale of goods / provision of services.

Preparation of litigation, regardless of the object of the dispute and the sector in which the client operates, requires taking into account a number of circumstances. Proper selection and preparation of the litigation strategy and possible actions is of key importance and may have serious business and tax consequences.

We represent clients in proceedings pending before common court of law, the Supreme Court, voivodeship administrative courts and the Supreme Administrative Court.

We conduct claim conservation and enforcement proceedings. We do not limit our involvement to securing a favourable judgement for the client, but also ensure that the rights and obligations resulting from the verdict are enforced.