Purchasing real estate entails risks relating to uncertain legal or actual status of the property, third party claims or solvency of the counterparty. The tax aspect of such transactions is always important since in the end it determines the profitability of the planned investment.

We offer comprehensive advice for entities investing in real estate and for entities purchasing real property for use in their own business activity.

We search for heirs of the owners/co-owners of real properties and settle the legal status of real estate. We conduct complex real estate division proceedings.

One of the area of expertise of our lawyers is conducting judicial proceedings aimed at obtaining for our clients remuneration for contract-less use of a real property and/or for establishing a transmission easement on account of transmission facilities located on their properties (gas pipelines, power cables, heat pipelines).

The determination, experience and knowledge of the Law Firm’s Partners has often played a key role in winning battles where sizeable amounts were at stake. This way the installation of equipment “used for transporting liquids, gas, electrical energy or other similar equipment” on the properties of our clients against their will proved valuable to them in the end.